Our Mission

     The mission of Önaysan is to be the first choice of the domestic and international companies and to become a company that creates value for our employees, our customers and our national economy by providing every type of industrial model combi boiler with the proper condenser tank, and with high quality, reliability and high business ethics that we provide with our products in white goods and heating sector.

Our Vision

     Our vision is to invest in technology and human resources to provide quality service and products to our customers and to provide all kinds of expansion tanks for every model combi boiler, dryer machine condenser production for domestic and foreign companies, profitable and sustainable growth in white goods and heating sector. And to become one of the leading companies in the metal industry both domestically and internationally.

Our Objectives

     Our main and permanent goal in Önaysan Industrial is to adapt the organization culture to quality management and by doing so, to increase our competitiveness and profitability continuously. We have adapted "management" as our basic principle in our operations in line with the following principles.

• Ensuring that the philosophy of continuous development is adopted and implemented by all employees, targeting customer satisfaction in every product and service produced, working collectively to ensure zero error we are aiming for the customers
• Ensuring that every employee and department produces their own products and services without any error and creating the approach of being responsible for transferring the next employee or department
• To determine the specifications of each product, intermediate product, process and semi-finished product completely in line with customer requirements and specifications, to ensure that they are known and kept up to date, and to improve our processes according to technological innovations.
• Focusing on training activities and benefiting from our employees' potential creativity and capacity
• To continuously improve the quality management system in line with the demands and expectations of our customers and in line with the development of the automotive industry

     We guarantee that the items mentioned in this policy will be implemented, understood at every level of the organization, and will be periodically reviewed.

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