Önaysan Endüstriyel Ürünler was established in Istanbul, started its activities by providing white goods, electronics, heating, cooling, automotive and many other metal and aluminum components. Önaysan has taken steps to expand its product range in heating and white goods industries. With its high quality products and services, it has got a considerable share in both industries, in a very short time.

In order to meet the needs of the HVAC industry, Önaysan started with an R&D team of about 10 people, whose objective was to reduce the costs in the industry, by producing import substitute products. Önaysan started a feasibility study on products by analyzing industries.

Consequently, it has started to provide components in large quantities with the project of expansion vessels used in residential boilers. In about 5 years, Önaysan managed to become a company, which provides more than 70% of the expansion vessels used in local boiler industry. Önaysan started expansion tank exports in small quantities in 2015, reached 15 countries by 2019 with the joint projects that have begun in recent years.

Condensers, another leading product, have given Önaysan opportunity to have share in the white goods industry. Our company now providing A, B and C energy efficiency condensers to both local and European markets.

Today, Önaysan Expansion Vessels and Condensers are preferred by 40 brands and used in more than 200 products

England, Poland, Italy, Czechia, Germany, Portugal, Russia, China, Netherlands, France, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Romania

  • Metal Parts for White Good Industry

    Started in 1987 with Arçelik

  • Metal Parts for Automotive Industry

    Started in 1997 with Ford


  • Condensers for Clothes Dryer

    Production in 2001 with Indesit


  • Combi Boiler, Heater & Radiator Metal Parts

    Started Production in 2003 Demirdöküm


  • Expansion Vessels for Combi Boilers

    Started Production in 2006 with Demirdöküm

  • Plate Exchangers for Combi Boilers

    Starting Production in 2019


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